Analysis Equipment and Patents

Strain Concentration Equipment

Concentrated Useful Strains

Isolated Useful Strains

Respirometer (Respiratory Rate Measurement)

BOD TRAK 2(Respiratory Rate Measurement)

qPCR(Useful Strain Concentration Analysis)

ATP Tester(Microorganism Concentration Analysis)


Pilot Scale (200Liter) Wastewater Treatment

NCS-50(Nitrifying Bacteria Incubator)

BCS-400(Microorganism Incubator)

Concentration/Cleaning of Isolate Culture

Patents and Performance

Patent No. 10-1776188

  • Continuous Culture Apparatus for Nitrifying Bacteria and Continuous Culture Method for Nitrifying Bacteria Using the Thereof

Patent No. 10-1895994

  • Continuous Culture Method for Nitrifying Bacteria

Korea Association of University, Research Institute and Industry led Technology Development

  • 2014 Nitrifying Bacteria Incubator Development
  • 2016 Optimization of Continuous Cultivation of Nitrifying Bacteria
  • 2017 Development of Apparatus for Wastewater Treatment with High Nitrogen Concentration